Clinical Recommendations

  • Flu Shot

    Pregnant women are recommended to get a flu shot during  any stage  of pregnancy and at  BAM,  we highly agree with this recommendation. 

    Talk to our health care team and get your flu shot.
    Protect yourself and those around you.

    Pregnant women are very susceptible to the flu so we urge you and anyone who will be in contact with you or your newborn baby to get vaccinated against flu as soon as possible. 

    Flu is widespread in California, and pregnant women are more severely affected by flu than the general population [1,2]  

    Because of changes in the heart, lungs and the immune system during pregnancy, pregnant and breast feeding women are more prone to severe illness from influenza. In fact, flu is  5 times  more likely to cause severe illness in pregnant women than in women who are not pregnant. [2]

    Please ask us about the Flu Vaccine the next time you are in the clinic. 

    Below are  reasons pregnant women should get vaccinated against the flu:


    1. Flu vaccines  are safe  for pregnant women and their babies. [1,2]   Millions of pregnant women have received flu shots over the last decade, and the vaccination has  not  been shown to cause harm to women or their infants.


    2. Flu shots during pregnancy also  protect her newborn . [1,2,3]   Vaccination during pregnancy has been shown to protect both the mother and her infant from flu illness, flu hospitalizations, and flu-related preterm labor. Some of the protection mothers receive from flu shots passes to their babies during pregnancy, thereby helping protect them until they’re old enough to get flu shots at 6 months of age.


    3. Pregnant women with flu have a  greater chance for serious problems  for their unborn babies, including premature labor and delivery.  [1,2]




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